Donation Story

In 2013, Love & Joy P.C.H. were embarking on expanding our operations through the construction of a residential building on 4317 Mallow St, Houston, TX. Unity Bank reached out to us regarding the small business loan for our expansion, and after a mutual understanding that Unity Bank will remain compliant with all loan regulations, Love & Joy was approved.On November 18, 2014, while the building was still under construction, a catastrophic fire destroyed all our hopes and dreams of expansion and serving the most vulnerable, at-risk populations in Houston. Although Unity Bank were supposed to stay compliant with all SBA regulations, they were grossly negligent in not renewing the builder’s insurance coverage (which is required by SBA guidelines) and not even giving us an opportunity to pay for the insurance ourselves.The former CEO of Unity Bank, John Scroggins, promised he would make things right for us if we did not get lawyers involved. For two years we believed Unity Bank’s lies that the City of Houston Housing Department would rebuild Love & Joy during former Mayor Parker’s administration through a 2.5-million-dollar grant. The City Council members did not agree to bail out Unity Bank since it was their responsibility to insure their investment by a force placed insurance on the construction property once the builder’s insurance expired in March, or at the very least, should have given Love & Joy an opportunity to pay the insurance themselves. Under current Mayor Turner, what was once presented as a grant, was now presented as loan in addition to the Unity Bank loan. It became apparent Unity Bank and City of Houston had no intentions assisting Love & Joy in rebuilding. Unity and its partners had only bought time to make a case in court. Former 80th judicial court judge, Caroline, stated, “what Unity bank did was bad business practice, but they did not break the law. Based on Unity Bank not breaking the law Love & Joy’s case should not be heard by a jury of our community.”Love & Joy Personal Care Home’s mission has always been to serve the most at risk and marginalized population within the Houston community. The tragedy that happened with the construction of our new building is nothing but a minor setback in our ultimate purpose. If you are blessed with enough means to provide for yourself and your loved ones, we ask if you would be willing to help the marginalized Houston community by donating to our cause.

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